International Visitors


Exhibitors and visitors not part of the EU need to ensure that they acquire a travel visa to visit the show before traveling. We encourage you to contact the Consular Section of the Embassy or Consulate near your location to determine how to apply, and the likely time required for that process of visa issuance to be accomplished. Our organization has no influence over the issue of a visa. We suggest that you make the application with sufficient advance time prior to the event to avoid disappointment. A list of consular offices is available online. When you travel to Germany, we suggest that upon entry you carry a copy of your planned itinerary including not only your visit to our trade event, but including any follow-on business or vacation plans you have. The Immigration and Naturalization Officer at your port of entry will determine the approved duration of your visit. It is therefore in your interest to let the officer know of your plan to seek approval for the full duration of your planned visit in Germany.

Our association looks forward to your attendance of our show. If you should require any information regarding the event or a Letter of Invitation, please do not hesitate to contact our staff at +49 69 3085 5045 or



Taxi Numbers in Frankfurt, Germany

Taxis have a €3.50 flat rate; trips costs €2 per kilometer for the first 15km, and €1.75 for every subsequent kilometer, with a waiting charge of €33 per hour. A fifth passenger costs €7 extra.

Frankfurt`s TAXI RUF 23 oo 01 Phone: +49 69 230001

Main Taxi Frankfurt Phone: +49 69 733030

Taxi Alternatives:
UBER now available in Frankfurt!

Public Transportation

To use public transportation almost like a local, make sure you download this app.

One-way tickets cannot be purchased via the app but there are ticket vending machines at every stop. Most of the time, the cheapest option is a daily or weekly ticket.

RMV railway system [DOWNLOAD] (pdf - 1.49 MB)



Close to Frankfurt Messe

Jimmy's Bar, Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 40


Stanley Diamond, Ottostr. 16-18

Plank, Elbestraße 15




The quaintest square in the city is walled by photogenic medieval houses, a church and historic administrative buildings.


Old Sachsenhausen

For hundreds of years the district of Sachsenhausen was a village distinct from the rest of Frankfurt, but still granted the protection of the city’s enormous ring of walls


Sightseeing in Frankfurt with VGF’s Ebbelwei-Express

Travelling on VGF’s Ebbelwei-Express provides a first-class view of the sights of Frankfurt.


The Palm Garden

On the Bockenheimer Landstrasse is the beautiful 54-acre Palm Garden, the largest botanic garden in Germany.


Frankfurt Cathedral

The cathedral was begun in the 1300s and 1400s in the Gothic style, and has been faithfully rebuilt twice: Once after a fire in 1867 and then in the 1950s after the war.


The Old Opera House

In the heart of Frankfurt's Opera Square the Old Opera House was constructed in 1880 in the style of the Italian High Renaissance.



Do not, under any circumstances, visit the area around the main train station in Frankfurt at night UNLESS you are traveling in a group or are a very brave individual. Due to a drug free policy in this district as well as the red light district being situated here, dangers are around every corner and you might see things you wish you had never seen. Caution is also advised during the daytime since there are a lot of organized beggar groups and drug addicts in the area.