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Germany’s first international franchise fair

Germany, September 10th, 2019

Announcement: Franchise Expo 2019 Frankfurt – The only international franchise Expo in Germany

The franchise industry is growing continuously. Its diversity and size will once again be reflected in Germany's only franchise fair, the Franchise Expo Frankfurt 2019, which will be held this year from 14th to 16th November at the Frankfurt Exhibition Center in hall 9.0. Around 140 brands from home and abroad present their concepts on all investment levels.

The Franchise Expo is picking up speed: last year 110 exhibitors were part of the exhibitor lineup, this year there will be at least 134 brands (as of the beginning of September). So far, the Expo is 90% booked. However, interested franchise systems can still find a good spot on the floor and an enlargement of the show floor is not excluded.

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The exhibitors of the FEX19 - a first orientation

The current exhibitor lineup is headed by food franchises with 25%, followed by 21% service franchises and 11% of fitness franchise systems. The lineup also includes sectors such as construction, real estate, interior design, technology, handywork and tourism. All exhibitors are listed on the website Even though national franchise systems make up the biggest percentage of our exhibitors, visitors can expect a great, international touch: US systems and brands from France and Austria as well as Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Ireland, Italy, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and so many other countries.Our visitor registration is already online.

Startups & Franchising

Why does the German market hold so much interest for franchise systems while the number of startups stays in the low numbers at the same time?

For one thing, it is because Germany is still the strongest economic force in the European Union which makes it attractive for brands within the EU and beyond.

On the other hand, the franchise market is also opening up new target groups as potential partners: one of the largest visitor groups, according to last year's survey, are existing companies that want to grow through franchising. This is interesting when your own offer is scalable and a possible duplication is the basis for your franchise expansion. The second motivation for investors is a multi-brand strategy where the investor wants to include additional brands in his existing portfolio.

Existing franchise partners also visit the FEX to promote their brand as a brand ambassador or are themselves interested in growth through multi-branding.

And despite the sad startup figures, there are many people in Germany who want to change their professional life. They may have no idea yet what to do wit that desire or simply don’t know yet what franchise would be the perfect fit for them. The lower quota of failure of franchisees is also due to the extensive training programs of the franchise centers that are usually available - an attractive argument for many who finally want to do "their own thing".


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