Stories of franchisees

It’s changed my life…


Cathleen Finke, global office franchisee

Cathleen Finke

“As a good networker who loves her independence, I’m responsible for marketing customer dialogue products. What I love about global office is the independence and freedom of working. What motivates me are the positive, honest business relationships. Strategy isn’t my thing, which is why I feel at home in a franchise concept with a sophisticated product strategy.”

Daniel Friedl, DAS FUTTERHAUS franchisee

Daniel Friedl

“I’ve been a DAS FUTTERHAUS franchisee for 18 years and manage five markets. Nowadays we’re much more professional than we were nearly 20 years ago. What has not changed, though, is the family feel: Futterhaus franchisees help each other out and celebrate each other’s successes.”

Hardy Riemscheid, TeeGschwendner Siegburg franchisee

Hardy Riemscheid

“In this family business, we franchisees are part of one big family. If you want to play an active part, you can not only share in the Group’s performance, you can also help to shape it. This is why I’d always choose TeeGschwendner. ”

Benjamin Dasch, Bodystreet franchisee

Benjamin Dasch

“Electrical muscle stimulation is a revolution in the field of fitness and offers opportunities matched by few other segments. You can benefit even as someone from outside the industry – I’m a management consultant. I’ve already built up seven successful studios with market leader Bodystreet’s franchise concept.”

Michael Betzien, McDonald´s franchisee

Michael Betzien

“Before I joined McDonald’s I’d spent 10 years in an international management consultancy. At the time I was greatly attracted by the very appealing combination of such a strong system and entrepreneurial independence and that caused me to make this move. In the last three years I’ve been able to grow with McDonald’s and now run seven restaurants in Stuttgart and Filderstadt.”

Mathias Schneider, Mail Boxes Etc. franchisee

Mathias Schneider

“With Mail Boxes Etc. I had a strong partner and a practical network for my step into self employment. So I was able to concentrate on my clients from the very first and to offer them  the idividual MBE solutions around distribution logistics, graphic design and print.”

Andrea Böhm, Bodystreet franchisee

Andrea Böhm

“Before my time with Bodystreet I worked as stunt woman for TV and was owner of a sport studio. This was where I got into contact with EMS. Beeing a Bodystreet franchise partner offers me the possibility to succeed as enterpreneur in an interesting market with strong partners.”

Kay Arajums, FiltaFry Münster franchisee

Kay Arajums

“After three years of FiltaFry - the only mobile fryer management service - I can say that it has been worth it on all levels for me: professionally, personally and financially. For my customers in the restaurant and catering sector, the service is unrivalled, useful and environmentally sustainable. I am delighted that they recognise the added value I provide with FiltaFry.”

Viktor und Waldemar Gett, Subway® Germany franchisee

Viktor und Waldemar Gett

“When we decided to become self-employed it was important to us to create something that would preserve and offer us safety for the future. Subway® Franchise, with its internationally known and proven system, was the perfect fit for that. What started as one restaurant has turned into five by now. If we would have to do it all over again, we’d definitely chose Subway® Germany as a partner again.”

Tom and Kathleen Söder, INJOY Singen franchisees

Kathleen und Tom Söder

"My life has changed because partnering with the ʺINJOY” brand, with its top test reviews, has perfectly equipped us for the future. We can proudly say that we are, in a radius of 30 kilometers, the strongest chain in the region with 4 existing INJOY clubs and a fifth one coming next year."

Note: for the fifth time in a row, INJOY was the test winner in competition with 10 other national company chains in Germany. The award was given by the German Institute for Service Quality.

Marina Krauss, Leonidas franchisee

Marina Krauss

"We are pleased that Leonidas is turning out to be a highly profitable concept, which has won over both our customers and also our landlord. The first store to open in the vicinity of a railway station is being welcomed by local customers and also by many visitors from abroad who come to the area around Cologne Cathedral. Our customers especially welcome the fact that Leonidas sells fresh quality chocolates outside Belgium. The supplementary products are also increasing traffic and these are having a clear positive effect on our sales volumes."

Sevda Gökce, Kochlöffel Franchisee

Sevda Gökce

"I was a big fan of Kochlöffel for a long time before becoming my own boss. In all the years working in the restaurant trade my conviction only became stronger: I wanted to open my own Kochlöffel as well. On March 1st, 2001 it all became reality. I had done my research and opted for a safe way into self-employment. Kochlöffel, as a company, has been successful in its respective market since 1961 and has more than 20 years of experience as a franchisor. They have been at my side from the start and have remained there until today."

Doug Winnie, ActionCOACH franchisee

Doug Winnie

"I became a Business Coach and changed my life forever. I increased my net worth, my lifestyle has improved and I travel to exotic places when I want."

Sascha Ecker, vomFASS franchisee

Sascha Ecker

"The full package deal that vomFASS offers plus the support from partners and HQ are amazing. I am a trained zookeeper but always wanted to “try something else” so I was searching for a long-term business model with a promising future. My interview with the VOM FASS AG was the best decision I could have made. After our initial meeting I interned in Linz, Bad Tölz, and Munich before visiting a workshop in the headquarters and I just knew it was the right fit. The step into the self-employment came with a heavy workload but I’ve never doubted my decision and am looking forward to our shared future."

Jesco Günther, Snap-on Tools franchisee

Jesco Günther

"In 2013, I decided to turn my passion for motorcycle racing into a profession and became franchise partner of Snap-on tools. I have a degree in information technology but when I talk about the quality of the tools, I do it with the same passion and enthusiasm that a racer needs on the speedway to be in the top ten."

Mohammed Abu Zaid, Icons Master Franchisee Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Mohammed Abu Zaid

"We have started our partnership 2 years ago and since then, we have worked hand in hand to achieve a common goal which is expanding our services around the MENA area. Overall, ICONS Word Wide is a remarkable partner and together we built a strong business relationship and I would definitely recommend them for any other franchise partner"

Alexander Wanghofer, Lucky Car franchisee

Alexander Wanghofer

"My career path has always pushed me toward independence. In my early 40’s I finally decided to start a new chapter after having been the managing director of a big motorcycle company with over forty employees for 15 years. The temptation to substitute calling the shots every day as a managing director with directing my own company and not another boss couldn’t be ignored. Now I operate three units in Vienna and am incredibly proud to be a Lucky Car partner."

Matthias Rehm, licensee EMSRaum® Ulm

Matthias Rehm

"Despite the competitive situation in the EMS sector in Ulm, I found a real market gap with EMSRaum. EMS Raum is the perfect fit for me and cleary calculable. Everything from finished templates, internship training contracts, property search, and ongoing support is included by EMSRaum. The wireless EMS training in a small group is really well received. My customers actively recommend me and like to commit themselves long term. That gives me lots of safety."