Stories of franchisees

It’s changed my life…


Benjamin Dasch, Bodystreet franchisee

Benjamin Dasch

“Electrical muscle stimulation is a revolution in the field of fitness and offers opportunities matched by few other segments. You can benefit even as someone from outside the industry – I’m a management consultant. I’ve already built up seven successful studios with market leader Bodystreet’s franchise concept.”

Michael Betzien, McDonald´s franchisee

Michael Betzien

“Before I joined McDonald’s I’d spent 10 years in an international management consultancy. At the time I was greatly attracted by the very appealing combination of such a strong system and entrepreneurial independence and that caused me to make this move. In the last three years I’ve been able to grow with McDonald’s and now run seven restaurants in Stuttgart and Filderstadt.”

Julia Zimmermann, Town & Country House franchisee

Julia Zimmermann

“I don’t only make my clients´ wishes come true – I am also in charge of my own schedule, 100% flexible, and can enjoy my financial independence.”

Tim Romotzki, Pizza Hut franchisee

Tim Romotzki

"Pizza Hut has been an important part of my life for as long as I can remember. Whether for my own birthday parties or as a part-time job - the brand and the work environment have always been inspiring and still are, which is why I decided this summer to give up my career in HR and to start as a franchise partner at Pizza hut."

Sandra Riefler, Weinstock Academy franchisee

Sandra Riefler

"Instant Change has changed my life and the lives of my customers. The results are hard to put into words. Everyone has to get to know this method."

Marina Krauss, Confiserie Leonidas franchisee

Marina Krauss

"We are pleased that Leonidas is turning out to be a highly profitable concept, which has won over both our customers and also our landlord. The first store to open in the vicinity of a railway station is being welcomed by local customers and also by many visitors from abroad who come to the area around Cologne Cathedral. Our customers especially welcome the fact that Leonidas sells fresh quality chocolates outside Belgium. The supplementary products are also increasing traffic and these are having a clear positive effect on our sales volume."