Terms & Conditions

1. The Franchise Expo Frankfurt: (hereafter referred to as “the expo”) will take place from November 14th to 16th 2019 at Messe Frankfurt Venue GmbH (hereafter referred to as “the exhibition building”). The expo is organized and conducted by MFV Expositions LLC (hereafter referred to as “the Organizer”).

2. Depending on which areas are available to the organizer in the exhibition building, the organizer will enable the exhibitor to inhabit the agreed upon exhibition space for the duration of the expo or allocate a replacement in a different exhibition space that the organizer considers comparable. The allocation is valid exclusively for the duration of the expo and does not imply that the same or a similar space is also reserved or offered for future events. The exhibitor is not entitled to participate in any other events of the organizer or its affiliates besides those mentioned in paragraph 1 above.

3. The exhibitor acknowledges that all exhibition fees and costs associated with advertising in expo publications, especially publications that contain the official expo program, the expo video, the expo directory and the daily expo program must be paid in full to the organizer before setting up or moving into their stand in the exhibition building. Should the exhibitor have unpaid fees due the day before the official opening of the expo, it is the right of the organizer to reallocate the exhibition space of the exhibitor to another interested party and to assign an alternative exhibition space at his own discretion. Should the exhibitor pay the past due fees after a reallocation has taken place, the organizer will make the alternative exhibition space or a comparable space, which shall also be chosen at the organizers discretion, available to the exhibitor if such a space exists and does not create any additional costs for the organizer. In any case, the exhibitor remains liable for the payment of all fees specified in this contract unless the contractually agreed upon conditions for a contract termination apply in this situation.

4. The organizer will not be making any obligatory statements or give guarantees as to the number of visitors attending the expo, as it is impossible to accurately predict the number at this point in time. He also reserves the right to change the name of the expo, to change the venue, the expo  itself, its date and/or the official expo suppliers at any given time.

5. The exhibitor agrees that the organizer will refund all advertising costs associated with a certain advertisement in expo publications should it contain any errors or be missing information unless the exhibitor was notified of the error and failed to provide alternative materials or failed to respond to a deadline.  The exhibitor agrees that this form of compensation releases the organizer from any liability for consequential damages due to missing or faulty advertising. The exhibitor agrees that the organizer does not accept any responsibility for special advertising opportunities that the exhibitor purchases through third parties or which do not fall in the above mentioned category.

6. The organizer is obligated to announce all rules and regulations of the expo and the expo venue to all exhibitors. The exhibitor accepts that these rules and regulations are an integral part of this contract and are frequently referenced in the paragraphs. The exhibitor is also obliged to adhere to the additional rules put forth by the organizer since they ensure the efficient and secure handling of the expo and its success. The exhibitor must comply with these regulations as soon as they have been brought to his attention.
 7. This contract can be terminated by the organizer at any time, if he determines that the exhibitor is following dishonorable business practices, an ethically unacceptable trade or if the presence of the exhibitor could - in any way – damage the business or the reputation of the expo, the organizer, the sponsors or other exhibitors. Should such a case occur, the repayment of all down payments made by the exhibitor will release both parties from this contract and no further claims will be accepted.

8. The exhibitors may only exhibit the goods which have been listed in the contract or agreed upon, in writing, in cooperation with the organizer. The exhibitor is required to provide a representative selection of goods on his exhibition stand as well to ensure that his booth is supervised by appropriate staff throughout the duration of the expo. Any substantial changes regarding the goods or type of product lines of the exhibitor requires the  written approval of the organizer. An exclusive sale of goods during the Expo is only allowed if a special written agreement has been reached with the organizer and, should this be the case, the agreement will be expressly mentioned as part of the exhibitor agreement.

9. The organizer does not guarantee that the assigned booth is located near the exhibition entrances or exits, restaurant or catering operations or other attractions of the expo. It is understood that the space assigned to the exhibitor is binding and cannot be changed during the expo, unless otherwise requested by the organizer.

10. The design of all exhibition booths (except those that only use the standard equipment included in the stand packages provided by the organizer) must be approved by the organizer before the expo.

11. The exhibitor is prohibited to use any advertising measures or means of transportation that aims to move visitors away from the expo/ to a location that is not part of the official expo program. Nor is the exhibitor allowed to participate in any sales presentation that is taking place during the opening hours of the expo unless the organizer has provided written consent. The exhibitor also requires written permission from the organizer to promote sales presentations outside of the expo program.

12. Pictures and/or movies may only be taken or recorded. The exhibitor permits the organizer to take pictures as well as movies for his own advertising purposes before, during or after the expo of the exhibitor, his booth, his presentations and his staff.

13. Exhibitors may not use any copyrighted music unless the exhibitor is in possession of a license, has paid the necessary fees, and provides the organizer with a copy of the license agreement prior to the expo. The exhibitor accepts his responsibility in this matter and shall indemnify and hold harmless the organizer in regards to any claims associated with the use of the copyrighted music.

14. Should an exhibitor want to terminate this agreement, he must notify the organizer - in writing – with a signed letter and request for acknowledgment of receipt. The agreed upon fees of the exhibitor contract remain due in full. The payment of the contractually agreed amount is considered as compensation for damage and loss at the expense of the organizer due to the termination by the exhibitor. In that case, the flat rate compensation is seen as a bona fide agreement and not a fine. The contracting parties agree that a cancellation of the exhibition space that has been held and was not available for sale to other interested companies, damages the organizers mission. Due to this, the substantial damage to the organizer cannot be accurately calculated. Therefore, the contractually agreed upon flat rate is seen by the exhibitor and the organizer as a valid compensation for the estimated amount of damage that a termination causes to the organizer. The date of termination of the exhibition space is the day the organizer receives the written notification with a required signature confirmation.  The organizer reserves the right to close the stand space of an exhibitor at any time, if the latter or his authorized representative have not fulfilled or complied with the contractual terms or conditions of the venue or the expo. In this instance, the exhibitor will not receive a refund or pro rata compensation of the exhibition fees. If the exhibitor decides to terminate this agreement in accordance with the terms set forth above within 30 days or less before the start of the expo, the exhibitor will also refund the organizer for any costs associated with the additional decorations for the cancelled booth.

15. In the case of armed conflicts, fire, strikes, government decisions, disasters, an act of God, or terrorist attacks or any other events beyond the organizer’s control, that may affect the ability to carry out the expo, forces the organizer to cancel the expo or influences the availability of agreed upon stand space, the organizer will reimburse the exhibition fees at his own discretion. This repayment will represents a proportionate share of the combined exhibition fees after deduction of expenses that have been incurred by the organizer and a reasonable compensation in favor of the organizer. Under no circumstances, however, is this repayment to the issuer higher than the amount paid by the exhibitor. The exhibitor is not entitled to an accounting examination or to request an audit of the organizer's financial records. Exhibitors who terminate the contract before cancellation of the expo by the organizer are not subject to the provisions of this paragraph and not entitled to a refund.

16. The delivery of exhibitor goods to the expo venue is prohibited outside of the communicated time frame or delivery address. Neither the organizer nor the expo venue is liable for goods or equipment delivered – even if those deliveries arrive at the address and in the time frame specified by the organizer and the venue. Neither the organizer nor the expo venue assumes liability for loss or theft of goods or equipment during the entire expo period or during construction or dismantling times. The organizer, his agency and his official suppliers accept no liability for the exhibitor's property. Exhibitors are able to hire a private security service only via the expo venue at their own charge which exclusively accepts liability for goods secured based on their own terms and conditions. No firearms are allowed in the expo venue. The exhibitor accepts sole responsibility and  liability for any damage or prosecution related with the use of firearms in our outside of the expo venue that are in the possession of the exhibitor or his staff or their property.

17. The exhibitor agrees that neither the organizer, his officer, his agents, his employees or other agents, the administration nor the owners of the expo venue, its executives, agents, employees or other representatives are responsible or liable for damage, loss, personal injury or property damage caused by theft, fire, water, accident or other events. The exhibitor also accepts that neither the organizer, his officer, his agents, his employees or other agents, the administration nor the owners of the expo venue, its executives, agents, employees or other representatives are taking out an insurance to cover damage, personal or property damage at the expense of the organizer or all officers, agents, employees or other agents of the organizer. The exhibitor is responsible to acquire insurance to cover those risks on his own. The exhibitor accepts that he indemnifies the organizer and the owners of the expo venue and its administration from all claims for damages, claims, legal actions, liabilities, damages, losses, costs, attorney's fees and all other expenses. Especially in the case of assignments of claims of third parties who have an insurance contract with the exhibitor; including, in particular, claims due to damage or loss of ownership of the expo venue or in case of damage, loss, personal injury or material damage to the property of the organizer, his officers, agents, employees or other agents and, more particularly, in relation to third party claims for damages under a violation of copyrights, patents or trademarks that are a result of an act or omission of the exhibitor or his officers, agents, employees, or other agents associated with the exhibitor.

18. The exhibitor is required to comply with all laws, regulations, and national, state and local regulations as well as all applicable rules of the expo venue and all trade union regulations at this own cost.

19. Should the exhibitor fail to comply with any provision of this agreement or should any documents provided to the organizer proof to be falsified or misleading or if the actions or presentations of the exhibitor are deemed unsuitable for the expo by the organizer, then the organizer is entitled to terminate this agreement or any unsuitable presentations, namely company signs, cards, printed materials, promotional items, catalogs or to prohibit, close, modify, or circumstances, practices or actions as well as to remove the exhibitor from the expo venue. Any exhibitor that violates the contractual provisions of this agreement may be jeopardizing his continued participation in this expo or at any other show by the organizer or his partners. The organizer is entitled to refuse an exhibitor the construction of a booth should any or all payments related to the expo are in default. Should this be the case, the exhibitor agrees that he continues to be liable for any defects, losses or damages incurred by the organizer and that he is responsible to compensate the organizer according to the claims plus all expenses and reasonable costs, including attorney's fees, that may be incurred as a result. The organizer is entitled (but not obliged) to fill all vacant exhibition spaces at the expo so that the best interest of the expo is served. Irrespective of whether the organizer receives a payment for an exhibition space, the exhibitor still is subject to the terms and conditions stated in this document.

20. The exhibitors are not entitled to sell, transfer, assign or rent parts of their contractually agreed upon exhibition space or any other expo  related services to third parties unless they posses a written approval of the organizer. (i) Should more than 50% of the shares of the company be sold or (ii) a merger or takeover of the company take place so that the contracting company no longer exist, the organizer has the right to terminate the contract within 60 days of receiving notification of the new circumstances. If there is a merger between two or more exhibitors and the corresponding contracts have not been cancelled by the organizer, the organizer will do his best to merge the exhibition spaces so that it corresponds to the total size of the areas, which were originally purchased when the exhibitors were still independent, but cannot guarantee that it is possible. Should it not be possible, the exhibitor who still exists after the takeover is liable for the exhibition space at all locations that was originally contracted by each acquired company.

21. The exhibitor accepts that he incurs a monthly interest of 1.5% (18% per annum) for all fees that are not paid on time. He also accepts all costs that the organizer may incur for debt collection, including attorney's fees, within reasonable limits, namely at least 33.3% of the open balance of the fees plus the costs of the procedure, which the organizer had to pay to enforce his rights.

22. This agreement is governed by applicable law in the state of New Jersey. The exhibitor agrees to the jurisdiction of the courts of the State of New Jersey to govern all disputes and lawsuits that may arise out of and in connection with this contract. However, the organizer is not obligated to assert his claims in this state if he deems another jurisdiction as more appropriate. The exhibitor waives all claims due to lack of responsibility in private matters and in the matter and recognizes the competence of the court in New Jersey.

23. This document covers the complete agreement between the parties and may only be changed or adjusted in written form. However, the corresponding document is only valid if it has been signed by a duly authorized representative of the organizer and the party who has requested a waiver, amendment, correction or discharge.

24. Should one of the contract terms become ineffective or unenforceable, the legal validity of all other provisions continues to be fully upheld.

25. With respect to succession, the terms of this contract shall be binding to the successor, legal successors and claimants of the exhibitor.

26. The exhibitor agrees, that in case of an electronic submission of the exhibitor agreement, checking the box on the contract  stating the following: “We have received, read and agree to the terms and conditions of the Franchise Expo Frankfurt 2019.
Please note that this contract can only be accepted by MFV if the service recipient agrees to the terms and conditions of the event.” will be as legally valid as placing his initials on the printed version of this document.

Franchise Expo Frankfurt 2019