Ad de Waard


fit20 (Niederlande

My professional career in the international medical industry involves more than two decades dedicated to International Business Development for Amerian start-up companies. As the company executive VP, I was responsible to build international sales and distribution networks and drive sales from zero to multiple millions in sales. Focus was on diagnostic systems to help diagnose people’s illnesses and guide treatments. Hence I was involved at the end of the healthcare continuum; “how sick people could best be cured or treated”.

Since the beginning, I am a loyal customer of fit20 clearly enjoying the benefits of the method. Hearing about the international ambition of the fit20 management to export the Franchise to international markets, not for long I was engaged by the company. Enticed by the business proposition and the awakening international ambition, I accepted a position to help make fit20 a global brand. Since 2015 I joined the fit20 Franchise responsible for the international expansion.

What I enjoy about my job is not only to expand fit20 to international markets, a job I know so well, but also to make fit20 available to as many people as possible worldwide to help them stay fit and healthy whilst in the process make fit20 a successful global brand.

I am a government certified international business coach and certified Franchise Expert, CFE.